Course Review:

Course Description

The focus of the DCNP and CAQ-DERM Review Course is on common and complex dermatology, not aesthetics. While we appreciate that cosmetics are an important aspect of dermatology services, the focus of this course is on acute and chronic dermatologic conditions. The 2-day program concentrates on the diagnosis and therapeutic management of skin diseases including the newest pharmacotherapeutics. In addition to preparing dermatology NPs and PAs for certification, the goal is to enhance their ability to synthesize and integrate new knowledge to formulate management approaches for patient care, as well as increase their confidence in prescribing pharmacotherapies.

Educational content is organized to maximize learning and is in accordance with the Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam blueprint published by the Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board, as well as the NCCPA CAQ-Derm certification blueprint. A variety of teaching methods are employed during the program.

The hallmark of CDNP/CDNPPA is gathering data about the educational and clinical practice gaps of dermatology NPs and PAs to successfully achieve the course objectives. Curricula for every program is carefully designed not only in response to attendee evaluations and surveys, but to incorporate the rapid and dynamic changes in dermatology science. Course content has been especially enhanced in the areas of pharmacotherapeutics, immunology, and genetics, so clinicians can acquire the knowledge and confidence to prescribe dermatologic medications safely and effectively.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Identify and apply fundamental knowledge concepts for successful completion of the DCNP certification and CAQ-DERM certificate examination.
  • Identify knowledge content areas on the DCNP certification and CAQ-DERM blueprint requiring additional study and preparation for the acquisition of essential competencies in dermatology NP/PA practice.
  • Employ the breadth and depth of knowledge to utilize advanced pharmacotherapeutics for safe and effective management of acute and chronic dermatologic conditions.
  • Utilize advanced dermatology knowledge and skills competencies for clinical decision-making process including assessment, diagnosis, and evidence-based management for optimal patient outcomes.

Program Highlights

  • Enhanced content in pharmacology and pediatrics.
  • Sessions for test-taking skills and practice exam questions.
  • Faculty are expert dermatology NP & PA educators.
  • Updated content based on new DCNP and CAQ-Derm blueprints.
  • Recommended pre-conference study guide.
The Center for Dermatology Nursing Practice